Sor Juana, la poetisa: Los sonetos

Examine two of Sor Juana's sonnets in depth. Learners first listen to an audio recording or a reading of the sonnets and then analyze the structure and form, paying attention to elements of the Baroque and el gongorismo. Assess student work with a portfolio of completed work and an analysis essay that focuses on one of the poems.

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  • There is a Spanish and English version of the lesson; the poems and most of the materials are in Spanish
  • Appropriate both for an advanced Spanish class and a native speaker Spanish class
  • Provides most of the materials necessary to teach the lesson, including online interactive activities
  • A nicely detailed plan with guiding questions, objectives, teacher prep instructions, activities, assessments, and extension ideas
  • Two of the worksheet links on the site do not work: both of the worksheets titled with Escucha la musica
  • The plan suggests a specific site for listening to musical versions of the poems; the sonnet "En su retrato" is no longer on the site, but could be found elsewhere or simply read aloud
  • The writing prompt for the assessment portion of the lesson could be more detailed