Sociological Methods

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First year undergraduate sociology students can prepare for their exams with an application that provides practice questions in six categories: Quantitative and Qualitative Data, Sources of Data, Primary and Secondary Data, Positivism and Interpretivism, Theoretical, Practical and Ethical approaches, and Education Research. 

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App Overview

General Considerations:

  • Although the Sociological Methods study app is designed specifically to prepare British sociology students for their first year exams, it could also be used as a study aid for other learners.

Getting Started:

  • Select one of the six methods
  • Select one of the playing options: Timed (90 seconds) Play All (untimed), Personalized (review of missed questions), or Glory Run (expert level)
  • To view scores, tap the gray Cross Topic Progress button located on the bottom-left corner of the screen
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Instructional Ideas
  • Use to prepare undergraduates for the Sociology Board Exams
Classroom Considerations
  • Of limited value outside the Sociology classroom
  • Expensive
  • Quizzes can be timed or untimed
  • Personalized section permits retest of questions missed
  • Can be used for independent study
  • Progress Overview uses a bar graph to indicate percentage of correct responses in each of the six sections
  • Progress chart can be reset to permit multiple users
  • No directions for how to operate the Tip to Pick section
  • No way to save individual progress charts
  • Expensive given the very narrow focus of the app