Social Interaction and the 'Bliss Molecule'

Increased oxytocin helps people read facial expressions with greater accuracy. Video explores the way this hormone impacts social interactions and highlights the way scientists perform research to confirm the findings. Then the video shifts focus to sugar and the way your body processes it. The news isn't good, and your metabolism will suffer if you eat too much candy.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Research how the bliss molecule works in introverts versus extroverts and if this can change throughout life
  • Have scholars track how much sugar they eat in a day versus how much is recommended
Classroom Considerations

  • Remember comments are open to the public and are often not appropriate for anyone, especially impressionable teens to read

  • Includes closed captioning for ease of note taking
  • Provides a list of references if you would like to verify any of the research mentioned

  • None