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So How Much Are You Really Paying for that Loan?

This So How Much Are You Really Paying for that Loan? lesson plan also includes:

Loans are rarely provided without a cost. Pupils evaluate the high cost of using a payday loan or payday advance through discussion and worksheets, and finally work in groups to develop short public service announcements that outline the drawbacks of using a payday loan.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Supplement a lesson on the process of buying a car with this resource. You can also contact your local financial institution for a representative who will come and present to your class on important personal finance topics like these
Classroom Considerations
  • This is the eighth lesson in a series of nine developed to support high school students in building a strong knowledge base of personal finance skills
  • All worksheets and answer keys included
  • Lesson was designed with specific Common Core State Standards in mind
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