Short Stories

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A reading of Kevin Lamb's short story "Lost in the Woods" launches a study of how writers use elements such as foreshadowing, mood, character development, setting, and conflict to engage readers. Class members then demonstrate what they have learned by crafting their own short tale.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Provide a detailed assignment sheet that asks writers to identify the topic of their story, descriptions of their major characters, the mood they plan to create (and words they plan to use to create that mood), and the basic plot line
  • Extend the length of the unit to permit writers to draft, revise, edit, and polish their stories
Classroom Considerations
  • A video of the Twilight Zone episode "The Monsters Are on Maple Street" is available on YouTube
  • Requires considerable prep tie to locate, prepare, and copy required materials
  • Includes tiered learning activities and a separate rubric for each one
  • Anchor activities are provided for those who finish assigned tasks early

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