Sharing Materials

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If you've ever broken up an argument about a toy or classroom item, you know how difficult it is to convince class members to share. The concept is even more complex for those with autism spectrum disorder and for learners who have trouble relating to their peers. Encourage them to practice sharing with a social contract, in which they detail the conditions of sharing an item, as well as the reward they can earn for complying with the terms of the contract.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Send home the items for parents to complete with their children
  • Use for high-interest objects or toys in the class, or implement as an expectation for everyday classroom tools or art supplies
  • Have students fill out a contract when working on group projects that require shared items
Classroom Considerations

  • Borders for both handouts are in color, but printing in black and white does not affect comprehension

  • Contract is not specific to any item or situation, making it versatile for multiple contexts
  • Provides an example of a completed contract to guide instruction
  • Differentiates instruction based on age

  • None