Set Your Mind, Set Your Goals

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Becoming a woman can be overwhelming for girls. An educational resource assists female learners in setting goals for their reproductive choices, physical health, and emotional and mental well-being.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Give learners an online copy of the resource so they can answer the questions privately at home
  • Use in a peer mediation class
Classroom Considerations
  • Designed for teenage girls and/or young women
  • Published for residents of Delaware, but adaptable for classrooms in any state
  • Consider using the resource when dividing a teen issues class by gender so girls feel more comfortable discussing sensitive topics
  • Best used electronically, as most pages have a lot of color and pictures; print out worksheet pages only if you want the paper versions
  • Addresses many aspects of being a young woman in modern life
  • Provides several checklists to keep learners focused on their goals
  • None