Serve Around the World

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Give your volleyball lessons a boost with the Serve Around the World practice drill. Watch this video to observe a demonstration brought to you by a Canadian 14-and-under team where four players stand on one side of the net, and serve simultaneously toward one of five targets on the other side of the net. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use this video to introduce the drill as well as review it to sustain correct formation and procedures 
  • When first practicing using this drill, place cones at the five targets so servers can see where to aim
Classroom Considerations

  • This video is intended to educate volleyball enthusiasts about a specific practice drill
  • Although the video was recorded on a sandy, outdoor court, you may practice using this drill on any volleyball court 

  • Graphics appear to show where the players are targeting their serves
  • This video is brief and full of content without any downtime 

  • Sound is unavailable