"Saying "Hello" to People" Social Skills Story

This "Saying "Hello" to People" Social Skills Story presentation also includes:

Support learners who may be very shy or reserved in saying "hello" to new people with this set of story slides. The presentation begins with a few slides describing why it is good to greet others, and concludes with opportunities to practice this new skill.

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Classroom Considerations

  • Presentation is offered as a PDF document, but can model a traditional PowerPoint presentation by displaying each slide one-by-one through a projector
  • Resource was originally designed for learners with autism, but can apply to general classroom learning environments or individual work with a student

  • Includes several slides particularly aimed at helping students practice saying hello to teachers and classmates at school
  • Instruction and images are straightforward and easy to grasp

  • The first slide is an advertisement for a different site