Roman Engineering: Crash Course History of Science #6

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How did the vast Roman society contribute to science? See the wonders of the Appian Way all while examining the Roman thought process during video six in the History of Science series. The narrator compares the Roman view of doing science to the Greek view of thinking about science, as well as highlights major contributions of the Roman Empire.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Do a quick survey before the video to see what Roman inventions students already know
  • Show scholars a more in-depth look at ancient Rome with a virtual tour
Classroom Considerations
  • Talk with the class beforehand so that they understand some of the not-so-glorious parts of Roman society, such as slavery and punishment for crimes, as these are mentioned throughout the video
  • Fascinating facts keep the video moving in an entertaining fashion
  • Animated sequences show the importance of the Roman inventions of concrete, infrastructure, and social welfare
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