Representing, Naming, and Evaluating Functions (Part 2)

Notation in mathematics can be intimidating. Use this lesson to expose pupils to the various ways of representing a function and the accompanying notation. The material also addresses the importance of including a domain if necessary. This is the tenth installment in a 26-part series.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use a graphic organizer to record the multiple methods of representing a function and its domain and range
  • Utilize this lesson to explore the multiple ways of representing a function and their meaning
Classroom Considerations
  • Students should be able to write a rule to model a sequence of numbers prior to this lesson
  • This is the 10th installment in a 26-part series
  • Provides a thorough discussion of function notation and ways to represent the input/output pairs
  • All handouts, keys, and a detailed teacher guide are included
  • None