Ready, Set, Respond!

This Ready, Set, Respond! activity & project also includes:

When faced with a difficult situation, do you respond selfishly, face it head on, or ignore the problem? This game encourages learners to evaluate the wide range of reactions we can have to problematic situations, and how our responses can affect those around us.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Use the blank cards to create situations that may be more appropriate for your particular class and learning environment
  • Remember to gather together as a whole group after playing the game to reflect on how different individuals approach situations and important things to remember when faced with any difficult task
Classroom Considerations
  • If the file is taking a long time to load, try opening the resource using a different Internet browser
  • Detailed notes and instructions are provided for the teacher
  • All activity materials and printable cards included
  • Covers a wide range of situational experiences
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