Practice Book: The Boy Who Saved Baseball

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This Practice Book: The Boy Who Saved Baseball organizer also includes:

An array of reading comprehension, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary activities are at your fingertips with a language arts practice packet. Second, third, and fourth graders work on various skills using reading passages and word banks, culminating in writing exercises with word choice and author's voice.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Include relevant worksheets in a homework packet or reading assessment
  • Use worksheets as warm-up activities or closure assignments
  • Have the worksheets handy for a substitute teacher day
Classroom Considerations
  • Worksheets are based on a story from a practice book, but each activity can stand alone as its own exercise without the story
  • Versatile for use with older or younger learners
  • Great practice for English learners
  • Each worksheet stands alone as its own assignment
  • None