Political Campaign Ads

During a political campaign, you can hardly turn around without encountering an endorsement or attack on a candidate. High schoolers examine the ways that negative advertisement, positive advertisements, and everything in between can affect the way citizens cast their vote in an election.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use current ads from a political campaign to illustrate the tactics that learners might be seeing on an everyday basis
  • Find clips of as many of the ads mentioned in the presentation as possible
  • Have your class create a political advertisement for a fictional (or real) candidate, and encourage peers to identify the strategy of each ad
Classroom Considerations
  • Focuses specifically on the American political system
  • Each slide contains a lot of text; considering paring down the amount of information
  • The most current ads are from 2010
  • Prompts learners to submit their work on an assignment tab, and to discuss their ideas on a discussion board; if these websites are not part of your classroom setup, remove the final slide
  • Encourage thorough evaluation of claims and reliability of sources
  • Provides historical examples of effective advertisements
  • Comes with exercises for classmates to evaluate each ad
  • None
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