Pi Day: The Other Math Holiday!

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Happy Pi Day! This collection of games, experiments, and activities leads participants through an exploration of the many aspects and attributes of that mysterious quantity, pi. Activities range from using statistical experimentation to derive an approximation of pi, to investigating the properties of the first hundred digits of pi, to geometric considerations. The author addresses a wide gamut of learner abilities, learning styles, and time constraints in this engaging and far-reaching selection.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Great activities for centers, rotating learners through the various activities in small groups
  • Could incorporate as part of a larger Pi Day celebration; perhaps including science classes for probability experiment portions
  • Participants could recieve punch cards and "punches" for activity completion. The person with the most punches or who completes the whole card receives a prize
Classroom Considerations

  • Activities vary significantly in amount of support, time and pre-requisite knowledge required
  • In the activity "Buffon's Needle" the terms needle and toothpick are used interchangeably. Experiment will work with either

  • Wide variety of learning modalities and abilities engaged
  • Activities for almost any time constraints
  • Easily broken apart into mini-activities, or kept whole as a unit