Unit Plan

Physics, Technology and Engineering in Automobile Racing

This Physics, Technology and Engineering in Automobile Racing unit plan also includes:

Start your engines! This five-lesson unit introduces physics and Newton's laws through automobile racing. Each lesson includes background information, a student worksheet, and an answer key. There are also culminating project ideas, extension activities, and a final assessment.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Take the class on a virtual field trip of the places listed in the resource, especially if going on a real field trip is not ideal
Classroom Considerations
  • Be sure to read extension ideas before starting the unit
  • Field trip ideas are located in MI, NC, TX, and FL but is not necessary for completing other parts of the activity
  • Individuals should have background knowledge in algebra concepts
  • Offers many extension ideas for group or individual work
  • Includes a timeline of auto racing history and a glossary with key terms
  • None