Persecution of the German-Jews: The Early Years - 1933-1939

Young historians learn about the dehumanization process of stripping German Jews of basic, fundamental rights prior to the genocide of European Jews in the 1940s. Learners watch video clips of survivors who recount such events as the boycott of Jewish stores, Nazi racism taught in public schools, and Kristallnacht, while also completing a graphic organizer.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Provide a list of words and definitions that may be unfamiliar to learners as they watch the interviews
  • Choose one of the suggested extension activities to use as a culminating assessment, such as researching a contemporary example of persecution and discrimination. Then, have learners compare their findings to the discriminatory practices they learned about by watching the videos in the lesson
  • Interviews in videos are very powerful, moving accounts
  • All additional materials and activity handouts are included
  • Includes anticipatory set whereby learners consider their own individual rights and freedoms
  • None