Peer Pressure: Grades 9-12

Peer pressure is not always negative. It can also inspire, encourage people to get involved, and help push change. Class members select a quotation from a provided list and craft a paragraph about the meaning of the statement, how it relates to peer pressure, and the writer's personal experience. They also craft a persuasive speech designed to convince classmates that peer pressure can be a force for good.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • When assigning the persuasive speech, review with class members persuasive techniques and rhetorical devices
  • Post the artistic expressions in the classroom and about the school
  • Divide the class into 10 groups, assigning each a different article to read and discuss with the whole class
Classroom Considerations
  • Required materials include a computer with internet access, word processing software, and copies of two handouts
  • Includes links to 10 articles that provide background information as well as a comprehension quiz with answer key
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