Patterns in the Distribution of Lactase Persistence

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We all drink milk as babies, so why can't we all drink it as adults? Examine the trend in lactase production on the world-wide scale as science scholars analyze and interpret data. Groups create pie charts from the data, place them on a world map, and describe the patterns they see.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Show the video about the lactase enzyme in class, or assign it as homework
  • Have the class create their own studies around lactose intolerance within their families and friends
Classroom Considerations
  • Place pupils in groups of two or three
  • Purchase round, white stickers to use for the pie chart portion of the lesson to save time and glue
  • The resource is a great interdisciplinary lesson and connects science with world geography, culture, and math
  • Offers multiple opportunities for discussion and experimental design
  • None