Lesson Plan

Partners In Winning The War Lesson Plan

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How propaganda was used to change the concept of women's roles during World War II is the focus of an online exhibit provided by the National Women's History Museum. Packed with propaganda posters and pictures, the packet points out how women were willing partners in the winning the war effort. After studying the exhibit, groups analyze a poster that was used to alter perceptions of women's role during this time.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • If all class members have computer access and an Internet connection, flip the lesson having individuals read the exhibit before returning to class for discussion
  • Ask learners to keep Cornell-style notes on their reading where they record new vocabulary, key ideas, and questions
  • Include the resource in a study of World War II and/or a study of the changing roles of women in the US during Women's History Month
Classroom Considerations
  • If access to the online exhibit is not possible, instructors and print the resource; however, the cost of making copies of the 22-page file may prove to be prohibitive
  • Requires color copies of the posters
  • Presumes class members have previously studies propaganda techniques
  • A brief overview of the background on World War II is included as a worksheet for the propaganda poster analysis
  • None