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Osmosis and Diffusion Lab: Honey I Blew Up the Bear

This Osmosis and Diffusion Lab: Honey I Blew Up the Bear lesson plan also includes:

Beginning biologists explore passive transport through two demonstrations and a hands-on inquiry. Spray air freshener from one spot in the classroom and have class members raise their hands as the scent reaches them. Also, place a teabag into a clear glass container of hot water for them to observe. The accompanying activity involves individuals soaking a bear-shaped gummy candy in distilled water overnight, comparing before and after measurements of mass and length. This resource would support your life science lesson on passive transport.

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  • Very visual demonstrations of diffusion
  • Using candy for the activity adds a fun factor
  • Worksheets and lesson plan can be edited for your specific needs
  • The worksheet has an unexplained title (Pre MacMod and Post Macmod), instructions for drawing molecules during the air freshener demonstration do not make sense; make corrections as needed before use