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On This Day: Ratification of the 21st Amendment

What led to the end of Prohibition? In a word: money. To use the words of one historian: the government was desperate for tax revenue in the midst of the Depression. With a series of curated videos, scholars examine the causes of and the end of Prohibition. After viewing the clips, they ponder the lessons of the Prohibition era and the Twenty-first Amendment, which repealed it. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use segments to help learners build a timeline of events leading up to the Eighteenth and Twenty-first Amendments
Classroom Considerations
  • Create a free account to access the videos or use the following credentials: username - students, password - C-SPANCLASSROOM
  • Resource includes four short videos and links to additional clips
  • Segments examine the issue of Prohibition from several unique angles
  • Video clips are short and easy to integrate into a variety of lesson plans