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On This Day: Janet Reno Confirmed as First Woman U.S. Attorney General

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In 1993 Janet Reno became the first female attorney general in the United States. The engaging resource shows footage of Janet Reno's nomination and confirmation in her historic role. Academics also see Reno address the nation after tragedies such as the Oklahoma City Bombing. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Compare Janet Reno with other influential women in leadership roles 
  • Guide a group conversation on women's increasing roles in leadership positions 
Classroom Considerations
  • Must have a free C-SPAN Classroom account to access the resource, or use the following login credentials: Username: students, Password: C-SPANCLASSROOM

  • A great resource to use for Women's History Month
  • Includes eight video clips to provide a good overview of Janet Reno's time as Attorney General 
  • None