On the Job

Four lessons spotlight a variety of professions while boosting listening and observational skills and making inferences. Lesson one challenges pupils to group cards based on a commonality then justify the relationship they see. Lesson two requires learners to listen carefully to sounds and guess from which workplace they came. In lesson three, class members examine two pictures to identify their similarities and differences. Lesson four has small groups match career picture cards to descriptions then share their results with their peers.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Laminate cards to reuse with minor wear and tear
  • Complete one lesson over four days or plan for a career day in which you complete all activities in one day
Classroom Considerations
  • Preparation includes a lot of copy making 
  • Lesson range from 25-50 minutes to complete
  • Lesson 5 of 13
  • Each lesson comes with a variety of modification and extension ideas
  • Worksheets are well formatted 
  • None