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You'll want to take note of this app! Create custom notes that you can use to present and record information. Use the formatting options to make your notes look great, and the sharing options to keep your class up to date!

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App Overview

Get ready to take detailed and beautiful notes with Notability! You can create notes at home to use as presentations the next day in class, keep a record of what you've covered in class and present examples on the spot, or have pupils use the app for taking notes and creating projects. However you use it, you'll find that Notability has plenty of features to keep you jotting.

Basic Functions:

  • Type in text or write it by hand with a finger or stylus
  • Change the style and color of your font, and the size and color of your handwritten portions
  • Highlight text
  • Erase text and drawings
  • Resize and rotate items
  • Add an audio recording
  • Insert a photo, a drawing or figure that you create, a web clip (you choose the website and then you can revisit that website), or stickies (which provide various patterns for you to write on)
  • Change the paper style and color (lined, graph, etc.)
  • Add a wrist guard to prevent accidental marks while typing
  • Edit images and text boxes by holding one finger down on your item of choice
  • Create bookmarks
  • Search your note for keywords

Special Features:

  • When you first open the app, you'll start with a tutorial that teaches you the basics of adding, editing, and deleting items in your note
  • When you first tap a new button, the app provides little pop-up tips for using the chosen feature
  • You can organize your notes into subject and add dividers
  • You can share your notes through e-mail, through other apps, or with other Notability apps; you have the option to include (or not include) the paper style and any audio recordings
  • Import documents from your Dropbox, Drive, or other storage service
  • Tap the question mark icon for a detailed user guide
  • Manage auto-backup, accounts, and iCloud, set defaults, and more through the Settings menu (the gear on the notebooks page)


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Curator Rating
  • Adherence to task

    The app allows you to make beautiful notes that incorporate typed words, images, audio recordings, links, graphs, figures, and more. This is a great app for teacher or student use.

  • Worth the money

    While the app costs a few dollars, it offers some nice customization, sharing, and organization features that make it worth the money.

  • Fun factor

    Even though it's only for taking notes, the app includes plenty of features to keep kids engaged in viewing or creating the notes.

  • Scaffolding of learning

    When you first open the app, it provides a tutorial, and as you tap buttons for the first time, the app provides additional tips and instructions. Any other questions can be answered by the excellent user guide.

  • User safety

    You can link to outside webpages, but you can also set up a password for this feature so that you are the only one accessing the Internet through the app. Otherwise, everything is within the app and quite safe.

  • Control and feedback

    There isn't an option for separate user accounts, and you can't lock any notes, but you can customize and organize your files effectively with the tools provided in the app.

  • How techie do I need to be?
Instructional Ideas
  • Change the paper to graph paper or insert a note with the graph pattern to demonstrate graphing or other related mathematical concepts
  • Project your tablet screen and use Notability to record pupils' ideas and questions as you teach; you can send out the record or post it on your website for reference
  • Create notes before class to use as you present information; you can insert webpages, audio of your own instruction, and much more
  • Share the notes by e-mail (or another method) with students who were absent or who need additional instruction
  • If you have a 1:1 setup, have kids use the app to take notes that they can share with you and other classmates
Classroom Considerations
  • There are some minor quirks that you may need to get used to in order to use the app seamlessly; luckily the app provides solid support and tutorial information
  • The app allows you to add a web clip; when you select this option, you are sent to a web browser where you can enter a website and choose your clip. While this poses some safety concerns when working with younger kids, you can set a password for this feature to limit use
  • The app offers lots of options for customizing your notes
  • Plenty of sharing options are available
  • Comes with a nice tutorial and user guide
  • During testing, the coordinate plane/crossed arrows option avaialbe in the chart option did not work; however, you can create a simliar image using lines