Networking and Effective Communication

This Networking and Effective Communication lesson plan also includes:

What makes a great networker? Learners explore valuable life skills and interpersonal character traits, and consider how to present oneself in the most effective way during an opportunity to network. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Classroom Considerations

  • This lesson approaches the concept of networking and how to conduct oneself from a very specific viewpoint. Impress upon learners the value of communicating with diverse groups of people, and of having genuine, rather than falsified, interest in their work
  • Teaching tips will require you to construct additional materials to complete the lesson
  • It will be important to supplement this lesson with other materials and activities on how to engage in clear, effective communication

  • Great social networking infographic (see included materials)
  • Engaging, interactive icebreaker activity
  • Includes a supplemental worksheet and instructor notes

  • None