Net Neutrality

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Should net neutrality be restored? Scholars prepare for a class debate on the topic using the included website. After reading a brief introduction to the issue, they review the main pros and cons in an attempt to arrive at an informed opinion. Pupils also engage in an online survey about net neutrality and receive immediate feedback about others' opinions.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas

  • Refine students' argumentative skills by advising them to defend a ridiculous or controversial statement, such as owning pets should be outlawed
Classroom Considerations

  • Expects that learners have access to computers with Internet 
  • Time needed for debate topic research varies 

  • Separates pros and cons into two columns that are color-coded for accessibility 
  • Includes helpful footnotes

  • Website does not provide a thorough introduction to the topic, so pupils may need to conduct additional research