My Family's Thanksgiving

Prepare for the excitement of Thanksgiving with a helpful slideshow presentation. Colorful and engaging, the presentation explores Thanksgiving symbols, details, and traditions, and prompts learners to contrast the given topics with what their families do on the holiday. Designed for learners on the autism spectrum but ideal for elementary mainstream classes as well, the presentation is a great tool for teachers and parents alike.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Print and laminate the pages or load them onto a computer or tablet
  • Introduce only one or two slides at a time to reduce stress
  • Share the resource with parents so that they may add the specific details of their celebration
Classroom Considerations

  • The first in a series of three Thanksgiving-themed resources designed for learners with autism
  • Refer to the links in the first few slides for additional classroom materials; the slideshow officially begins on the third slide

  • All the slides in the presentation use the same golden-colored background
  • Only one concept is presented on each slide, simplifying a complex holiday
  • The images include both photographs and illustrations
  • Thanksgiving-themed videos are also attached to the resource

  • None