My Body My Senses

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In a comprehensive unit of activities, learners explore the five senses. Youngsters discover the many different body parts and their functions that allow humans to have sense of sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing. The best way to learn and create experiences is through the five senses!

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Instructional Ideas
  • Be sure to check for food allergies of students in your classroom
  • Use some of the activities to pair with a unit on the human body
  • Make a word wall with the vocabulary words in this resource
Classroom Considerations
  • If resource does not open, try opening it in another browser
  • Review and set up materials before beginning any of the activities
  • The table of contents clearly outlines teacher background information, materials list, topics being taught, and additional resources 
  • Lesson extensions can be used to enhance the experiences
  • There are no worksheets included