Unit Plan

Module 4: Linear and Exponential Functions

Curated and Reviewed by Lesson Planet

Sequences and series are traditionally thought of as topics for the pre-calculus or calculus class, when learners are figuring out how to develop limits. But this unit uses patterns and slopes of linear functions in unique ways to bring series and sequences into the algebra 1 classroom. Learners develop recursive and closed form equations, predict future values, and link graphs on the coordinate plane to series values. A great activity set for gently introducing number theory into the geometry classroom.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use in an upper-level class as an alternative or remedial way to approach sequences/series
  • Have learners research external data (news, current events, government database) to analyze trends as taught here
Classroom Considerations
  • Teaching instructions/notes are in a secondary location, linked under Included Materials
  • Some terms used without introduction (recursive form, depreciation, etc.) might need further explanation
  • Step-by-step examples and problems break complicated ideas into doable chunks
  • Both algebra 1 and geometry skills are practiced and reinforced through graphing and solving problems
  • Activity sets are extensive enough for good practice, without becoming rote drill
  • No answer key attached
  • No summative assessment available