Unit Plan

Module 2: Systems of Equations and Inequalities

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The brother-sister pair Carlos and Clarita need your class's help in developing their new pet sitting business. Through a variety of scenarios and concerns presented to the siblings, the learners thoroughly explore systems of equations and inequalities. Supporting activities afford plenty of practice in the mechanics of solving and graphing systems, while the recurring story helps ground the mechanics in their physical interpretations. A great unit all around, effectively merging abstract and concrete concepts in an engaging way.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Integrate the module into current curriculum on systems of equations and inequalities, with each phase of the scenario introducing that portion of the existing curriculum (except the first and last phase which has interchangeable parts)
  • Extend lesson to class projects where young algebra learners conduct research and propose their own business model and plan
  • Unit provides a great self-study for independent study or homebound students
Classroom Considerations
  • If breaking up the module, some parts are stand-alone and some are part of an interwoven scenario
  • Each day builds on the previous day's content, so absentees may require intense remediation
  • Engaging descriptions and realistic problem set-ups without being too wordy
  • Thorough and step-by-step approach builds understanding in a logical way
  • Development of equations and methods from physical scenarios supports abstract thought and use of algebra
  • Scenarios continuously spiral back to previous material, keeping the connections between different methods fresh
  • Khan Academy resource links on the bottom of page 10, the 2nd link on page 37, and page 44 are broken links
  • No answer keys or summative assessment provided
  • No teacher directives, objectives or pacing information provided