Modeling Motion: Rolling Cups

Connect the size of a rolling cup to the size of circle it makes. Pupils view videos of cups of different sizes rolling in a circle. Using the videos and additional data, they attempt to determine a relationship between cup measurements and the size of the circle. After working individually on the task, pairs share their strategies and come up with a plan to collect more data to develop a relationship. The pairs also evaluate sample work to enhance their thinking processes.

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Create groups that used different approaches to solve the initial problem
  • Use the rolling cup calculator to find the radius for several cups by changing only one of the parameters
Classroom Considerations
  • The teacher should be familiar with the Formative Assessment Lesson strategies
  • Includes videos to see how the cups roll, offering a great visual to better understand the concept
  • Contains a script for the teacher to help guide the discussions
  • None