Mid-Unit Assessment: Analyzing an Author’s Argument and Text Structure

William Shakespeare: a writer, a poet, a fake? For their mid-unit assessments, scholars read an excerpt from the article "The Top Ten Reasons Shakespeare Did Not Write Shakespeare" by Keir Cutler. Next, they analyze the author's argument and text structure, noting the gist of each section of the article. Finally, they write a paragraph about which argument they find most credible. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Provide independent activities for students to complete if they finish the assessment early 
Classroom Considerations
  • Part 6 of 18 from the Grade 8 ELA Module 2B, Unit 1 series
  • Builds on content from previous lessons in the unit
  • Some learners may need additional time to complete the assessment 
  • Includes an answer key for convenience 
  • Provides helpful teaching notes and a lesson agenda 
  • None
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