Lesson Plan

Meta-Study: Political Brains

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Are there differences in the brains of liberals and conservatives? That is the question young political scientists are challenged to answer. Class members examine studies, consider how the results are presented, and how the studies were conducted. They then present their conclusion and consider the possible impacts of their findings.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Design an assignment sheet that provides scaffolding for the activity by detailing expectations in a rubric, dividing the project into steps, and assigning due dates for each step
Classroom Considerations
  • Requires extra prep time to copy articles from the ProCon site
  • ProCon is a non-partisan information site
  • Presumes writers have experience crafting research reports, including how to extract and cite evidence from information text
  • Includes suggestion for how to adapt the lesson to a more scientific examination
  • Little scaffolding is provided for the activity