Meat-Eating Plants

Do carnivorous plants have sharp teeth? Are they vicious meat-eating organisms? Not quite, but there are plants that eat insects to survive, like venus flytraps and pitcher plants. Discover how and why these plants eat meat in an informative and interesting science video.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Research different types of meat-eating plants, such as various pitcher plants and venus flytraps
  • Pause the video frequently and check for understanding
Classroom Considerations
  • Video is best shown during a study of plants, plant life cycles, and the necessities plants need to survive
  • Resource is part of a series of life science videos
  • Speaker is enthusiastic and enhances engagement
  • Real world images of carnivorous plants support the concepts under investigation
  • Speaker talks very fast making it difficult to understand some of the content
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