Lesson Plan

Malcolm X: Minister and Civil Rights Activist

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Any study of the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement would be incomplete without an examination of the life of Malcolm X. Class members view a short biographical video and analyze primary source documents to gain an understanding of the events that shaped Malcolm X's life and the philosophies.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Ask groups to use a Venn diagram to compare Malcolm X's philosophy before and after his pilgrimage to Mecca
Classroom Considerations
  • The video does not include any audio clips from Malcolm X's speeches; preview speeches available on the Internet to determine if appropriate to your learning situation
  • Establish a protocol has been established to permit the safe, respectful discussion of controversial issues
  • The Google Classroom resource can easily be shared and assigned for out-of-class viewing
  • Presents a balanced and fair picture of Malcolm X
  • None
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