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LS1C - Organization for Matter and Energy Flow in Organisms

How do you plan to approach standard LS1C, Organization for Matter and Energy Flow in Organisms? Avoid information overload with helpful advice in a short video. Topics include energy sources, relationships between organisms, and cellular processes that facilitate the flow of energy within organisms.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use the gameplan in the video to ensure you provide adequate information on this broad topic, but don't overload the class with too much detail
  • Watch the resource with your department, then collaborate on ways to implement the suggested topics and scenarios
Classroom Considerations
  • Ensure that you've covered characteristics of life before embarking upon the standard
  • Narrator gives clear stopping points at each grade level to ensure students don't receive too many details that could distract them from the main ideas of the standard
  • The resource makes planning simple and step-by-step in terms of outlining the basics pupils must master
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