Logistic Growth Model, Abstract Version

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Here learners get to flex some serious algebraic muscles through an investigation of logistic growth. The properties of the constant terms in the logistic growth formula are unraveled in a short but content-dense activity. Moving seamlessly between graph and algebraic forms is particularly emphasized, as is the real-life interpretation of answers.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Using a favorite function modeling software would allow for extension of the activity to a broader exploration of the constant's meaning and influences
  • Following this abstract unit with one on concrete population trends will ground the formulas in real-life situations
Classroom Considerations

  • If this lesson is the first time they've seen logistic growth, learners may need more examples of logistic growth compared to exponential growth

  • Emphasis on rigorous but manageable algebraic manipulations
  • Links to real-world bacteria growth make abstract concepts concrete

  • Equation of graph given in teacher notes is not in the logistic growth form. The author suggests converting to the needed form as a worthwhile algebraic exercise, but does not provide an example
  • Lesson is intended as a follow-up to a mentioned "Logistic Growth Model, Concrete Version", but the precursor lesson is not linked or provided
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