Lesson Two: The Earth, Introductory Activities

This Lesson Two: The Earth, Introductory Activities activity & project also includes:

Determine what young pupils already know about earth science with a brainstorming activity. After class members work together to complete a KWL chart about the Earth, they craft an acrostic poem to demonstrate their understanding.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Create an interdisciplinary assignment between language arts and science for the poetry assignment
  • Design the KWL chart with a Smart Board or document projector
  • Have groups brainstorm what they know and would like to know before sharing with the class
Classroom Considerations

  • Continues an introduction into the unit
  • Consider implementing a requirement to use science-specific terminology in the poems, especially for older or more skilled learners
  • Part two of a six-lesson earth science series

  • Incorporates poetic elements into a science lesson
  • Promotes collaboration and discussion
  • Prepares class members for the next few activities by establishing prior knowledge

  • None