Lesson 9 - Contractions

This Lesson 9 - Contractions lesson plan also includes:

Is it do'nt or don't? How about doesn't or does'nt? A instructional activity on contractions helps learners identify, form, and use contractions. Components within the plan include direct instruction on decoding and encoding contractions, as well as sentence fix-ups and flashcard activities.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Draw stick figures to make different members of a contraction family
  • Play a matching game where spellers match words with their contracted forms
Classroom Considerations

  • Print flashcards and bingo cards in advance
  • Part nine of the 17-lesson Word Recognition and Fluency series

  • Begins with a daily review to promote long-term retention
  • Provides strategies to help adapt the content for learners with special needs or at different levels

  • Covers contractions in general rather than smaller groups
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