Lesson 4 - Consonant Blends

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Old, ild, ind, and ost may sound like a foreign language, but they actually represent common final consonant blends. Help learners recognize and pronounce consonant blends with step-by-step instructions, including scripted conversations. Instructions implement, model, and guide learners through practice activities. Printable flashcards and organizers enhance the lesson.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Pretend to blend letters by placing them in a cup and mixing them together, then pull out a larger piece of paper with the blend on it
  • Challenge scholars to come up with as many words as they can that contain a certain consonant blend
Classroom Considerations
  • Contains a list of necessary materials, some of which may not be included in the lesson
  • Fourth of 17 lessons in a Word Recognition and Fluency series 
  • Reviews digraphs and letter sounds before getting into the main focus of the lesson
  • Scaffolds the content to help improve understanding
  • Lacks suggested timelines to keep teachers on track
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