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Lesson 26: HIV/AIDS & Other STDs - Day 3: HIV/AIDS

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The third lesson in the three-part series on HIV/AIDS and other STDs considers how these diseases are passed, how to protect against them, and risky and safe behaviors. The discussion of condom use and sexual behaviors are explicit.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Due to the mature nature of much of the material in the three-lesson series, preview all the resources and consider whether appropriate for your learning situation
Classroom Considerations
  • Many schools require parent notifications of discussions of sex and human sexuality
  • The third in a series of three lessons on HIV/AIDS and other STDs
  • The 16-page resource includes a scripted lesson, detailed activities, transparencies, worksheets, and a parent letter
  • The resource, published in 1991, identifies AIDS as caused by a "germ/virus"