Lesson 24: HIV/AIDS & Other STDs - Day 1: Germs & Risk

This first lesson on sexually transmitted diseases focuses on germs, what they are, how they travel, and methods of protecting oneself from germs.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Encourage your district to purchase the supplemental materials for the FLASH unit and the professional development course
Classroom Considerations

  • NOTE: For the purposes of this series of lessons, "germ" is defined as including viruses
  • The first in a series of three lessons focusing on germs and risks associated with sexual relationships
  • The lessons are designed for special education and/or health classrooms
  • Many schools require parent notification of any lessons that include discussions of sex and/or sexually transmitted diseases

  • The 10-page packet includes a scripted plan, detailed activities, transparencies, and worksheets

  • HIV/AIDS is presented as caused by germs