Lesson 2: Misinformation

Fake news is a hot topic right now ... but what is it? Intrepid young investigators track down the facts that separate journalistic mistakes and misinformation through reading, research, and discussion. Part three in a five-lesson series from iCivics teaches pupils the methods used to validate news content.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have individuals pick a current event and research it to look for misleading coverage of the story
  • Pull a few questions out of the lesson and create interesting whole-group discussions from them
Classroom Considerations

  • Students will need their own computers and Internet access to complete the lesson
  • Sign up for a free iCivics account to acquire resources for the activity

  • The lesson is engaging and well-written
  • Teacher's guide contains printables, answer keys, and a variety of options for changing the structure of the activities

  • None
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