LanguageBuilder for iPad

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Help your child hone his/her verbal communication skills and basic understanding of sentence structure with an app that promotes descriptive verbal interactions. The child is presented with an image, prompted to make a sentence, and then records the sentence that goes with each image. The tool is great for building language skills, an understanding of basic sentence composition, and creative thinking. It would also be a wonderful tool for any speech language pathologist.

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App Overview

This app has been designed to help learners with special needs, autism, or sensory processing disorders build receptive and expressive language skills. The app uses extensive audio clip files and a record/playback feature that allows students to record and listen to their own sentences. The purpose is to improve auditory processing, creative thinking, and expressive language skills.


  • Enter the child’s name
  • Turn on/off hint option
  • Select level of scaffolding, there are three modes from least to most help
  • Choose themed image collections, there are 11 options
  • Randomize all 11 themes


  • Tap Play located at the bottom of the home screen
  • The child is prompted to make a sentence about the picture
  • Tap Record to record the child’s sentence
  • Tap Hint is the child requires help
  • If the child records the sentence, he will be able to play it back and hear his own voice saying the sentence created
  • If the child chose Hint, a sentence suggestion will appear at the top of the screen
  • The sentence can be erased or saved
  • To access the next image, tap Next Image
  • Original images can be added on the play screen


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Instructional Ideas

This tool is fantastic for learners who need to build expressive and receptive language skills. It would work very well at an independent work station, or with one-on-one assistance. Set up a language station in one corner of the room use the app and other language-building activities for a set amount of time each day. Children can go to the station to build expressive language.

After a child has practiced creating verbal sentences with the app, have him/her use his/her skills in a more extemporaneous manner by engaging with others. Read a story and stop to ask the child to describe what is going on in the picture or what he thinks will happen next.

Classroom Considerations

Very low-functioning students will need assistance while operating this device. One-on-one help is suggested until the child is able to manage the tool on his own.

  • Reinforces expressive language skills
  • Reinforces sentence structure and verbal communication
  • Requires the student to create an original sentence, which builds creative thinking skills, descriptive language, and expressive linguistic ability
  • There are many images provided within each of the 11 themed options
  • The child can hear his/her own voice, which is rewarding and can be used to reinforce proper speaking technique


  • Multiple players can not be added
  • The app does not ask any questions other than what is in the picture. It could provide additional prompts that would foster critical thinking skills as well as expressive language skills.