Lady Macbeth 2: Unchecked Ambition

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Can unchecked ambition, as is the case in MacBeth, have disastrous consequences? A video and accompanying activities, part of the Shakespeare English Exercises series, discusses the topic while also teaching key English skills. The resource features discussion prompts and questions to check for understanding, as well as an activity on I Wish + past simple.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Create a list of I wish statements that writers have for their own lives
  • Hold a debate on the question "Do you think it's true that we are all ambitious?"
Classroom Considerations

  • The transcript provides the text of the video to help support English learners

  • Teaches grammar in the context of a larger text
  • Features a non-Native English speaker to help make the content more relevant to English learners

  • Video is accompanied by activities
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