King Lear Teacher Pack 2013

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The King Lear Teacher Pack 2013 is designed to prepare pupils for watching the Royal Shakespeare Company's film version of King Lear. The eight activities in the pack help learners unpack the themes, events, and language of Shakespeare's famed play. Also, scholars are introduced to the characters and the family relationships that are at the heart of the play. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Preview the entire pack to determine the activities most appropriate for your classes
  • Show the film, available on YouTube, after class members have completed the activities in the First Encounter pack
Classroom Considerations
  • The pack is designed to support a showing of the Royal Shakespeare Company's film, First Encounter: King Lear
  • The play has been edited to shorten the running time and to increase it's appeal to young audiences
  • Each of the eight activities includes detailed directions
  • Copies of the edited scripts are included in the resource materials appendix
  • None