Lesson Plan

Kiev in Chaos: Teaching About the Crisis in Ukraine

This Kiev in Chaos: Teaching About the Crisis in Ukraine lesson plan also includes:

Provide a historical context for the political unrest between Russia and Ukraine that began in late 2013. Learners review their prior knowledge and chronicle new understandings with a KWL chart, watch a video explaining the Ukrainian cultural divide, study the geography of the region, and read an article on the core factors responsible for the Ukrainian revolution. This is a great opportunity to illustrate the relevance of historical events in modern-day happenings!

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CCSS: Designed
  • Includes video, news article, and discussion questions 
  • Current event engages learners and makes content feel more relevant
  • Multiple extension activities and additional materials/resources included
  • Incorporate other sources of information to gain a more well-rounded perspective of the issue
  • Need to update lesson as events unfold