Kelly's Kindergarten: Long O Sounds

This Kelly's Kindergarten: Long O Sounds worksheet also includes:

Oh, your learners will be excited to practice naming words with the long /o/ sound! Youngsters examine pictures of words containing an /o/ sound, and then identify which ones contain the long /o/. They then write the words that match each illustration beside the image.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Classroom Considerations

  • Give learners enough time to cut out each image, which are all placed in star shapes and will take some time to cut
  • Go through each image as a class to clarify what they are looking at
  • Remember to explain to pupils what the "o_e" rocket in the center of the worksheet is referring to

  • All cut-out images provided
  • Excellent selection of images to support distinguishing between /o/ sounds

  • None