iWriteWords (Handwriting Game)

Give me a W! Give me an O! Give me a W! What does it spell? Wow! Teach youngsters how to write letters and numbers with colorful tracing activities that include encouraging audio and make writing enjoyable. Soon, they will be writing letters and spelling words all on their own.

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CCSS: Adaptable
App Overview

The purpose of iWriteWords is to help young children develop handwriting skills. Users draw numbers and letters by following Mr. Crab. There are several different activities and many options for customization.

Included Activites:

  • Listen to the alphabet song by tapping on the music note and then the keyboard that appears
  • Practice writing numbers
  • Work on uppercase words and single letters
  • Try out lowercase words and single letters

Basic Process for Each Game:

  • Drag Mr. Crab along the numbers that appear to form letters, uppercase letters, and lowercase letters
  • A block with the number or letter you've just written on it will fall from the top left corner
  • Slide the block into the spinning hole to move on to the next letter or number
  • Listen to positive audio feedback; if you are spelling a word, a fun, childlike drawing will appear on the scree
  • Press the stop button (shaped like a box) to return to the homepage
  • Tap the play button (shaped like an arrow) to watch a playback of your progress
  • Slide the bar to zoom or shrink the letters or images

Customization Settings:

  • Choose a difficulty level: easy, normal, or hard
  • Select a handwriting style from four options
  • Toggle left-handed letter formation on and off
  • Turn uppercase words on and off
  • Change the color theme to high contrast or back to normal
  • Hide Mr. Crab; you will see a square instead
  • Decide if you want the letter blocks to rotate when they fall or not
  • Filter letters or numbers; focus on a just a few, or select all
  • Change the voice or language; there are four English options as well as options for Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Bahasa Indonesia
  • Choose what type of audio encouragement you would like to hear
  • Turn sound effects on and off
  • Edit previous and next level navigation
  • Put your playback on auto-play or shuffle
  • Modify the force and placement of the spinning hole
  • Activate a Cregle iPen
  • Choose to save progress or reset the game

Note: In order to change the settings, you must go into the device settings. 

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Instructional Ideas

Model how to complete the exercises by projecting the tablet screen and tracing the letters and numbers. Class members can then practice on their own or with a partner.

Narrow the focus of instruction by filtering specific numbers and letters. This way, pupils will not become overwhelmed if they are not ready for the entire alphabet.

iWriteWords would not only be a useful tool for general education classes, it would also be effective in a class for learners with special needs and for English learners. The bright colors and intuitive interface make the app applicable in many types of classrooms. Help out English learners by providing instruction in both English and their native language. It is simple to change the language in the settings.

Classroom Considerations

It is possible to reset the alphabet for each learner if you toggle Save Progress off in the settings. You can also reset the game from the settings menu.

There is not a way to save profiles or users. It would be nice to be able to create custom filters for particular pupils in order to differentiate instruction for individuals. However, you can still tailor the settings toward what you are working on in class. If an individual is having a particularly tough time, or is very far ahead, it is fairly simple to change the difficulty level.

You might recommend iWriteWords to parents or class members for at-home use. The app focuses largely on individual instruction and would be a strong practice tool.


  • Learning letters and numbers becomes whimsical and fun
  • Customize for a particular child

  • No option to save custom profiles or users